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Thursday, January 22, 2009

To turn a S60 Python .py file into something installable (.SIS).. you can used Ensemble.

You need to install OpenSSL too, and put include it in your Path.

Then run ensemble and turn your .py into a .sis.
Include any permissions your SIS will need... like access to GPS and networks etc.
Then once you have a SIS file sign it using Symbian online open signing.. again with all permissions required.

Then install to phone.

NOTE... if Python is installed to C on your phone (Phone memory) then your SIS should be installed there too otherwise you may just get the appl flash up a blank white screen for a second then close again.

eg of syntax for all permissions you can get on Nokia N82 GPS camera phone.

D:\iArchive\mobiles> py2sis --caps=LocalServices+Location+NetworkServices+PowerMgmt+ProtServ+R
eadUserData+SurroundingsDD+SWEvent+UserEnvironment+WriteUSerData+ReadDeviceData+TrustedUI+WriteDeviceData o:\GeogDatalog o:\GeogDatalogger.sis warning: no application version given, using 1.0.0 warning: no UID given, using auto-generated test UID 0xe72d1e27 warning: no certificate given, using insecure built-in one

Then sign the SIS using Symbian Open Signing online...