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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FB API Tips and Tricks

Play around with GRAPH API and FQL API


Also some useful videos here…


FQL overview here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eclipse IDE tips for Android Development

Perspectives (top right of screen)

DDMS – device info, processes, fake GPS (GPX,KML etc), fake tel info

         - file explorer, memory allocation, threads,
            logcat (logging output)



Window> Andriod SDK AVD manager – setup emulators


CTRL+SHIFT+T = open type (eg MyClass)
CTRL + SHIFT + R = open resource (eg main.xml)
CTRL+O – overview of methods in class.. can search with wildcards * too

SHIFT+ALT+R – rename a type and all xrefs to it
CTRL+SHIFT+O = organise the imports (eg add / remove android.os.Bundle)

Also if you add:

Button b;

then hit CTRL+SHIFT+O it’ll add import android.widget.Button;

Setting up Android Development tools on Windows

Ok so here’s the quick how to:

1) Download and install Eclipse from here

Choose the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 32 bit version
(64 bit version has issues with Android plugins at time of writing)

Just download.. unzip and put into a new folder on your PC.. say Program Files..


2) Download and install the Java JDK from here:

(again 32 bit option - x86)

Go with default install location is fine here..


3) Install the Android SDK from here:

Choose the Windows Installer version as it is a lot easier in this case, as it pulls down various plug in options later in the steps.

If you get an error saying the JDK couldn’t be found then press the BACK button on the install dialogue box.. then push NEXT again.. this time it finds it.. weird install bug.

Change the install path!!! Take out the spaces otherwise you’ll get problems later on.. so make it start with c:\android\

Accept all the options and wait for download/install…

4) Next we need to configure the Eclipse ADT plug in…

Load Eclipse then go to the Help menu.. Choose Install new software

In the Work With box enter>>

Give it the Name:   Android
Click OK and wait…

(If you have problems check this link which has details on a ZIP download alternative >>  )

Select all, accept licences.. set it going an wait for it to complete.

Restart Eclipse…

Now go to Window > Preference
Choose Andriod > Specify your Android install location (eg C:\Android\AndroidSDK…)