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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Installing an ASPX app to IIS on Win2008r2

Steps to install a web app on IIS

1) Write ASPx code etc in Vis Studio

2) Make a folder somewhere and in VS choose publish to File- putting in that folder

3)Zip up that folder and copy folder to server somewhere

4) For some reason the install application button is missing on IIS…

Follow this to add the button:

Which tells you to install web deploy from MS

5) Then IMPORT the application – set to the default web site

6) Right click on the folder you imported in IIS and CONVERT TO APPLICATION

7) Possible issues:

- you might need to make a new application pool (check left side of IIS management console for Application Pools) – then set the application to an application pool which is integrated and using .net 4+

- You might need to enable 32bit applications for that new application pool – advanced properties and set 32bit apps to TRUE

- you might find ASPX.NET service isn’t running.. check SERVICES from Start menu / control panel – and set from manual to automatic.. and start it running

- you might need to compile your code for ANY CPU

- don’t forget to copy across all .dlls should happen automatically but worth checking they’re all in the bin folder as required